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A rapid response advisory service which will provide support and specialist expertise to help researchers, clinicians and service managers obtain relevant research and evidence to inform decision making.

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Quick Guides and Process Maps

Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation - signposting

King’s College London Honorary and Adjunct Appointments

The Research Pathway - Useful Resources

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Research Ideas

How to ask a good research question and develop a research hypothesis?

How to know if the work has already been published?

Research Design

How to do a sample size calculation?

How to write a research protocol

How to do Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement?

Where to find details of education and training?

What are the advisory services available?

Inclusion of adults with impaired capacity to consent

Training available From KHP


How to identify funding for research projects?

How to write a grant application?

Research Activities

What does a research career look like?

Science hackathons - what are the benefits?

Guide to peer-review

How to manage research data

Pediatric research

Publicly available datasets


How to turn research findings into publishable work?

How to write a scientific paper?